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Xtreme Bilge Heaters & Mounting Brackets

Available in 3 sizes! For less money you can buy an XTREME Heater, a small and highly efficient marine bilge heater for extending boat usage during late fall and early spring. Built with all new modern technology to fit in the smallest package possible and keep your boat’s critical components warm so that you can enjoy your boat year round. Our boat heaters helps to extend battery life and also keeps your engine compartment and its critical components warm and dry. Pre-wired with a 3 prong 20' power cord.

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Xtreme Heaters Small 300W XHEAT Boat Bilge and RV Heater
  • Qty avail.: 4
Xtreme Heaters Medium 450W XXHEAT Boat Bilge & RV Heater
  • Qty avail.: 2
Xtreme Heaters Large 800W XXXHEAT-Boat Bilge and RV Heater
  • Qty avail.: 4
  • Qty avail.: 20